About us

STOP HATE is an acronym that also explains our mission.

Start Turning Off Prejudice

Heal Attitudes Through Education

Our goal is to help STOP HATE through awareness and educational campaigns. This is a call to action. Join us in the fight against Hate. We are not trying to force our views on anyone. Please respect our freedoms as much as we do yours. We just want everyone to realize that ignoring the hate-induced actions we see around us is just as dangerous as running a stop sign- injury, ruined lives, fatalities.

David Sumrall

David created Stop Hate in 1992 as a result of the L.A. Riots in an attempt to bridge the divide. We participated in peaceful protests, rallies, and community meetings to help open communication and educate people that not everyone chooses hate as a first response. In the mid-90’s we stood against groups including the KKK, and rhetoric against certain leaders in groups including the Nation of Islam. Fast-forward to now, we’ve been active in local communities, and developing relationships with other social media influencers to build a bigger team, pool resources, spread our message to a bigger audience, and organize toward what our vision of victory looks like.