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We hope you recognize this needs attention and is a most important priority. You can help us in several ways. Buy some products from our line of StopHate Gear for yourself or as gifts. If you can't find a product that's right for you, you can always "Give-a-shirt" as we give away tons of our Gear at events and can always use the help. The more we can get our message out in the streets the better. Sign up for our “NEWSLETTER” to keep up with what we are doing to put points on the board, and meet us at events and rallies whenever you can. Or simply click “SUPPORT” and help us financially to keep us in the fight and out there on the front lines. We fight for you. We fight for the future.

Not tax deductible. We're a movement, not a tax-break. Not corporate sponsored. Not owned by special interest groups. Equal opportunity for a voice against Hate.

Give a Shirt

We give away products all over the country at rallies and different events. If you’d like to help offset costs, here’s an opportunity to donate to the cause, and help us spread our message: Stop Hate!