Fight Back Legally to help Stop Hate

When it comes to the legal part of our vision, clearly love through strength is where we’re leading those who follow. You cannot stop hate when you feel under attack without the ability to defend yourself. You can’t stop it in others, let alone in yourself. In order to tip the scale from hate to love, you must be confident in your own wellbeing, and your ability to protect yourself from attack. Only then can you look at your attacker and say, your attack will fail, and I will not hate you. I will stop your attack, to be sure. But in doing so, I will never veer from the mandate to love you.

Be empowered. Protect your family. Protect your rights.

Now you can have an app on your phone for yourself and for your children with a direct line to your own army of law firms.

We have a massive network of law firms ready to protect you and your family.

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